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The Great Escape


Acrylic on Furniture


This was another piece of Custom furniture I was asked to bring to life. This piece was largely inspired by the work of Greg Crayola Simkins. I leaned heavy into surreal animals coming up with a whole story line for the events unfolding......


The Crimson Sorcerer Viscardi Elephanti wakes from his slumber to find that his prized possession, Princess Zemira had escaped.


An elite team of covert ninja assassins, codenamed The Nimble Breath have broken in during the night and freed their captured companion. 


Using his Scepter all of the Sorcerers minions go under his mind control. 


The loyal guardian deer have an established route of candle infused antlers weaving throughout the kingdom. 


The Sorcerer, uses the typically mild mannered Coppe Acadia (spider sloths) to light the candles, producing combustable cardinals prepared to take the princess back to down to the dungeons. 


The Nimble Breath are prepared for this. Wielding their Aqua pistols they extinguish all of the candles they can to keep the flaming birds at bay. 


As our princess nears the door the Sorcerer deploys one more tactic. 


The Carpet leading to the final exit turns into the tongue of a panther guarding the one thing between Zemira and freedom.


Will the princess make it out?


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