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The Artist

Dirty is a Freelance Artist/Designer based out of Rochester NY.

   I have a Passion for working with my hands, and creating something special from nothing. I love any and all outlets that allow me to be creative- Illustration, Graphic Design, Video, Painting, Drawing, even Woodworking all come together in my creative process. I try to tackle any opportunity that allows me to follow these passions.

   After graduating from West Virginia University with a B.F.A. degree in Graphic Design I decided I didn't have enough life experiences yet to pull from creatively. This sparked a 4 year journey spanning from Disney in Orlando, to following my other passion (rugby), throughout Australia, and New Zealand.

   Upon returning to the states I was ready to put everything into art. I began instructing classes at Painting with a twist, built out my own studio space, and developed a new body of work.

   Most recently my favorite methods to create art have been oil painting and digital drawing.

You can buy my artwork in the shop. I am also available for commission work of any kind. If you want me to create something incredibly unique to you shoot me a message and we can get the conversation started.

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