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Night Hawks reprise vol.2


Oil on Canvas


This epic Painting took me way to long. the scene depicts a whole cast of television greats.

In the Front we see Jax Teller getting the nod from Tony Soprano and Nucky Thompson to go Pick up the drugs from Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Unfortunately they are currently being mugged by Omar Little while Dexter Morgan prepares to take him out.


Inside the Bar Area we see Ari Gold taking out Larry David for a client meeting. Their bottle of wine was stolen by Tyrian Lannister while going on a rant bout how he'd pay them back. They try to get the attention of Bartender Randy Marsh who is as usual blissfully unaware.


Frank Reynolds and Charlie Kelly are drunk on rum ham and get in an argument causing Frank to pull out his gun. This  scares  the kitten in mittens which sprints down the bar.


These mittens catch the eyes of Don Draper having and old fashioned by himself at the end of the bar.




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