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It Aint 2009 No More


Mixed Media


A series of portraits depicting the late Mac Miller in different points of performance during his NPR Tiny Desk Concert.


This is a mixed media piece in every sense of the word. 

It started as a digital piece and the portraits along with the graphic flower background are done with my wacom tablet in photoshop.


Once that was done I had a print made which I then mounted on a board and added a matte. Then I painted the Space scene, the Mac Miller spaceman, and generally brought out certain details of the piece. I contain the whole thing behind glass and a frame, but it was not quite complete.


For the first time I embedded an NFC chip into the frame. This Chip acts like a hidden QR code, and when scanned with your phone will take you to the link of the Tiny Desk Concert that inspired the whole thing.




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