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80s Ski Shirt Repurpose


Acrylic on Shirt


This is certainly one of those Mcgyver type projects that I love to tackle.


A friend brought me 2 of his dads old ski shirts from back in the 80's. He and his brother had gotten a hold of them when they were kids and wore them all throughout high school and college.


By the time they were handed to me they were pretty worn down pieces of cloth.


The shirts still had a ton of sentimental value, even though they were long past he point of wearing. So he basically asked if I could turn them into some kind of art piece that he could give back to his dad after all these years.

What followed was a series of experiments resulting in me cutting the shirts apart,  gluing them to another brand new shirt, stretching the new glued shirts on wooden bars like a canvas, and finally bringing them back to life as paintings. I really tried to get the colorful neon 80s vibe mixed with the rustic-ness that comes with a worn down a 40 year old shirt.

Im pretty thrilled with the results, I was able to get 4 pieces out of 2 shirts that I think hang well as all 4, just 2 (for each shirt) or even just as individuals. 


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